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To organize, mobilize, and channel human, material, physical, and financial resources towards creating multiple, alternative, and informal learning and skills opportunities for marginalized populations to attain self-reliance and self-development.


Improve the access and quality of education, skills development available to poor and vulnerable children in rural communities across Nigeria.

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Our 10-year Goal is to educate, empower and skill Up 2,000,000 children, youth and women by 2030. Educate-Empower-Skill Up 2million Children, youth and women 2030

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Our work Promise To Uphold The Trust Placed

Our approach is rooted in the principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and community-driven solutions. We believe in working closely with local stakeholders to identify needs, develop tailored solutions, and implement impactful projects that make a difference in people's lives.



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1-Day Intensive practical Training for 30 women in Katsina State, to empower and equip Katsina young entrepreneurs with the framework, tools, resources, promotional support, and network to build themselves to be the next generation of entrepreneurs

#GoBackToSchool is a broad-based coalition of National and Community-based organizations, Tech Companies, NGOs, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurship Hubs, dedicated to ensuring quality education for All.

Together, we can create a better future for all

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    First major attempt to rescue the Women and Girl-Child in a profound, robust and demand driven community approach



    In our efforts to build human capital development, we organizing an Entrepreneurship and Jobs creation summit in Katsina.

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    WAGES Girld-Child Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Training

    Opportunities Hub is a Digital Business Incubation Training and Capacity Development hub, with…

    Go Back To School

    #GoBackToSchool is a broad-based coalition of National and Community-based organizations, Tech Companies,…

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