Opportunities Hub (OHUB)

Connecting Millions of Marginalized People to new Opportunities

Opportunities Hub is a Digital Business Incubation Training and Capacity Development hub, with over 5 million subscribers worldwide. We are launched as an opportunities-based platform for profiling opportunities for young people across Africa, to ensure everyone has equal access to tech, start-up, and ventures eco-system in demand, technology education, training and careers vetted entrepreneurial support programs, early-stage capital, and investment opportunities.

For over 8 years OHUB has been championing Creativity and Innovation as the two most important skills of the future. Our Commitment to talent development has enabled our youth to get access to unlimited opportunities including internships with some world’s most famous and innovative global brands like; Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Today, Opportunities Hub is recognized in 190 countries across the world through our web-portal and mobile app, in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Middle-east as well as through our website that become one of the most popular opportunities websites with over 1 hundred Million hits in a year, UNIDO begins to take interest in our revolutionizing views on supporting young people with life-changing opportunities at their fingertips leveraging on technology and creativity. We are building the capacity of young people from the rural have-land, we are building their skills and knowledge capital, and we are building a hub for the fourth industrial revolution.

our main goals

OHUB is a Centre for Content Creation, Skills Bank, Career Development, Co-founders, Capital Resources, and Opportunities that focuses on:

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We Connect Millions of Marginalised People to new Opportunities

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