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Collective Development [CODE] Time to Bridge the Digital Wealth and Knowledge Divide

Founded in 2013, Ruma Initiative as Cooperative Society and later registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria 2023 as Ruma Initiative for Collective Development which is fondly called Collective Development [CODE] as non-governmental and nonprofit grassroots foundation that works in unserved, underserved, underprivileged and marginalized communities, leveraging technology, Innovation, and creativity to close learning gaps, tackle digital inequity, unemployment, access to opportunities and ensure skills development for poor and vulnerable children and youth from low-income families.

We provide innovative, life-saving support to those in need and strive to create more enabling and progressive environments through our work. Our philosophy on aid and development is centered on locally driven solutions from a committed and professional collective of compassionate people. We are changing lives by developing skills at the individual, enterprise, and community levels throughout Nigeria. Our technical and vocational skills training programs focus on addressing the scarce and critical skills shortage throughout the country.

We foster job creation by means of facilitating apprenticeships, cooperative learning opportunities, skills advancement, and work placements at our Digital Innovation Centre (DIC) Our model is centered on Training And Placing (TAP) our graduates; through partnerships we facilitate for them with private sector co-operations as well as the Federal Government public-private companies.

Our graduates receive a trade-specific toolkit on successful completion of the course and each year we increase the number of Business / cooperative / enterprise start-up grants we award graduates who demonstrate sound business plans.

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We create and expand education, training and employment opportunities for our beneficiaries through effective programs aimed at ensuring the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge that enables them become productive and engaged members of the society.

Dr. Babangida Kabir Ruma

Executive Message

At Collective Development [CODE] we are committed to making a difference to the lives of hundred marginalized people from unserved, underserved and underprivileged communities, we are working to eliminate poverty and improving the sustainable socio-economic condition of poor and marginalized families by providing all sorts of supports. For over six years, Collective Development [CODE] has been championing Creativity and Innovation as the two most important skills of the future. since from Inception, it has been the heartbeat of opportunities and Hope for the marginalized. We're currently working with industries to shape the new generation of competent, global transervy work- force, creating innovation to make industries to new level of productivity, a new generation of thinkers who will re-invent the way the world, works and place as people and to re-invent to the future of amazing discovery. Today, Thousands of Beneficiaries for our Digital and vocational skills training program are holding key positions in industries. They bridge the digital knowledge gab, providing contents that is creating live changing opportunities for new sources of wealth generation and development.

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